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We provde the very best in class procurement guidance and training for all Above the Standard clients and partners worldwide.

Our global team of tenured experts creates synergistic and innovative procurement strategies and tactics to strengthen corporate financial performance, improve sustainable competitive advantage, build gains in market share, increase profitability, and build gross revenues.

Above the Standard Procurement Services offered includes (but are not limited to): 

Procurement Outsourcing

 Cost analysis
 Cost reduction
 Request for Information
 Request for Proposals
 Request for Quote
 Request for Tender
 Sourcing, Supply Chain, Logistics
 Support Client’s Procurement / Purchasing Departments in all facets 

Procurement Management 

 Compliance
 Hiring, staff training, and development
 Staff oversight
 Tracking tools (effective management and outcomes) 

Cost Reduction

 Outsourcing
 Procurement

Procurement Fundamentals 

Best practice (SOX, ISO, CPSR, and Regulation)

 Centralization (cost reduction)

 Contracts, subcontracts, Memorandum of Understanding, agreements, BPAs/BPOs

 Project management

 Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Quotes (RFQ), Request for Information (RFI) Market Analysis

 Software

 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) creation, implementation, and measurement

 System implementation

 Training

Finance and Procurement Budget Management

Budget preparation

 Budget tools (effective proactive results)

 Budget tracking

 Effective cost reduction (quality sustained or improved)

 Resource management

Green Procurement

Green understanding, costs, requirements, and sustainability measures

Procurement, Finance, Administration Standard Operating Procedures, Best Practice

 Best practice creation, implementation, and adherence

 Compliance

 Creation

 Cross departmental input

 Organization

 Revision


Customized (Organizational and Industry Specific)

 Government and Financial

 Industry compliance

 ISO and Six Sigma

 Lean and Procurement

 Standard Operating Procedure and Best Practice


Audit Development Plans and Practice


Bidding processes

 Competitive Analysis

 Customized Finance, Procurement, and Business Areas

 Designing Bid Teams

 Expand Supplier Evaluation

 Future Benchmarking Analysis

 Green

 Leadership

 Logistics/property

 Organizational Resource Utilization

 Procurement Cost Reduction Alignment

 Proper Bid and Tender Processes

 Risk Minimization and Risk Management

 Sustainable Agreements and Contracts

 Whole Life Cost Analysis


AR/AP Management

 Credit Reconciliation and Collection

 Expense & Transaction Management

 Fixed Assets

 General Accounting

 Inbound/Outbound Call Management Services

 Interfacing for Billing

 Management Reporting

 Recovery Audit

Human Resources

Benefits Administration

 Corporate Benefits

 Liability

 Licensed Software Service to a Leased Software Model

 Payroll

 Recruitment

 Retirement Programs

 Risk Management

 Workman’s Compensation

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Complete Supply chain risk assessment

 Contingency planning and process engineering

 Ongoing monitoring of strategic suppliers

 Supplier stratification and mapping

 Contract Performance

 Evaluation

 KPI’s / Analytics

 Performance

 Vendor / Supply Chain Management

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