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State Government Expertise

Above the Standard developed and implemented a Program Assessment Guide for the Office Inspector General (OIG), the Department of Labor, and Federal Contractors to follow effective procurement, regulation compliance, and sustainable and sound best practices. 

During the past 30 plus years, Above the Standard’s programs have been utilized by governmental organizations for a wide variety of projects. Above the Standard has: 

 Conducted work for state funding agencies through grants

o Fulfillment of grant contracts for different state agencies 

o Management of different grant funds for social services and special needs

o Written proposals to state grants for award of these grants for Above the Standard clients;

 Development work for Cities, Counties, and State Governments. Examples Include:

o In California, our team worked with more than 200 entities. Some of the outcomes achieved for this were:

 New market development;

 Contracts awarded for greater revenue;

 Cost reduction; and

 These entities meeting more needs with less resources in California.

o Other states we have worked with include projects in Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Iowa;

 Experts who work at state run universities / colleges;

 Participated in meetings with the Federal Government regarding Hurricane Sandy reconstruction. This involved projected planned and managed by states including New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York;

Performed Procurement, Finance, and Business Government Linkage Relationship

These linkages include the fostering and development of existing Government entities to further Above the Standard Government clients, as well as the development of partnering these different business government entities for greater gain and outcome realized;

 Worked on procurement cost reduction projects with a number of state governments, such as WA, OR, and CA; and

 Worked with state run facilities ranging from medical centers, dental clinics, and hospitals.

Other Service Offerings

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