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Cost Reduction

Buying Group Benefits

We provide the very best in class cost reduction services, management, guidance, and training for all Above the Standard clients.

Our global team of tenured cost reduction experts and partners creates synergistic and innovative cost reduction strategies, services, and tactics to strengthen corporate financial performance, improve sustainable competitive advantage, build gains in market share, increase profitability, and build gross revenues.

There are over 500 touch points with most businesses where we can show you how we can help you make an impact.

Above the Standard Buying Group / Cost Reduction Services are provided in hundreds of areas, such as:  

 Accounting, CPA Services

 Advertising

 Advertising and Media Buying

Back up and Disaster Recovery Services

 Benefits

 Benefits Administration

 BPO Call Center Operations

 Business Consulting

 Business Development

 Business Plans

 Campaigns

 Career Agency

 Communication Experts and Service Providers (Cell, Wire, Infrastructure)

 Communications, Marketing, Business Storytelling, Market Entry Services, Training & Workshops, Executive Coaching

 Computer Repair

 Consulting

 Credit Card and Merchant Processing

 Demand Response (Oil and Natural Gas)

 Document Collaboration Services and File Archiving

 Electricity and Supply

 Employee Benefits

 Energy (Electric, Natural Gas, etc.)

 Energy / Gas Procurement

 Energy Conservation (Lighting)

 Energy Procurement

 Environmental Restroom Supplies and Equipment

 Executive Recruitment

 Export Purchasing, Export Shipping, and Export Consulting. Domestic Purchasing for certain product lines and Domestic Purchasing Consulting.

 Facility Management Restrooms

 Forecasting / Demand Planning

 Green (Renewable)

 Healthcare

 Help Desk

 Human Resources - Consulting

 Human Resources - Employee Recruitment

 Human Resources - Resume Writing, Online Recruitment Content Training & Writing, and Directory of tools for talent acquisition, employee training, development, and retention

 Human Resources Outsourcing

 Human Resources Software

 Inbound / Outbound Freight Solutions; Transportation

 Industrial Facilities

Information Technologies and Services

 Ink, Ink Cartridges, Ink Refill Systems

 Inventory Control

 IT Outsourced Services, Data Management

 IT Software Development

 IT Tech Support

 IT/Computer hardware & accessories drives and software. All electronic & electromechanical components. Our forte is obsolete & legacy parts. We also offer random test sampling on components.

 Leadership Coaching and Training

 LED & Induction Lighting Lamps and Fixtures

 Logistics

 Management Accounting


 Media

 Merchant Accounts and Services

 Merchant Processing

 Mergers & Acquisitions plus Talent Acquisition (Executive Recruiter)

 Natural Gas

 Oil Supply

 Online Document Management

 Online Marketing Services (SEO)

 Outsourced Remote Specialized Solutions

 Payment Processing

 Payroll

 PC Repair and Maintenance

 Personal Hygiene Products

 Project Management IT


 Public Relations

 Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

 Records Management

 Recruiting and Placement

 Restroom Supplies and Equipment

 Safety

 Sales

 Sewer / Water

 Shipping audits

 Software - Hardware - Consulting - Training

Software - Unified Software Communications Platform and Language Services -Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

 Software (Webroot, Secure Anywhere, Endpoint Software)

 Software Development and Technology Consultancy

 Software Engineering

 Software Support and Maintenance

 Software, Procurement Domain

 Sourcing and Quality Check Service Provider

 Staff Placement

 Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting

 Stress management & resilience for individuals and their organizations.

 Supply Chain Finance and Payments Outsourcing

 Technology

 Telecommunications

 Training & Knowledge Management

 Training, conference, seminar provider

 Utility Auditing (Telephone, Gas, Electric, Water, Franchise Taxes)

 Water / Sewer

 Web Design


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