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We have worked with the U.S. Federal Government for Federal Contractor Approval thought FAR and other National regulations for approval or disapproval of billions of dollars in Federal Contracts based on sound procurement practices.

Above the Standard developed and implemented a Program Assessment Guide for the Office Inspector General (OIG), the Department of Labor, and Federal Contractors to follow effective procurement, regulation compliance, and sustainable and sound best practices.

Above the Standard has designed Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) procedures and policies for Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Compliance.

We have managed multiple procurement audits in the Federal and State Government arena for vendor management, best practices, SOP revision and application, and many other areas relating to procurement and financial systems, audits to confirm best practice, and improvement of the systems.

Government Consulting Expertise

 Benchmark Regional Library Services;

 Capital Planning & Financial Forecast Projects;

 Compensation Surveys;

 Fire Department Policies, Procedures, and Training;

 Human Resource Collaboration Projects;

 Job Factoring and Classification Projects;

 Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, Leadership Training;

 Organizational Planning, Reorganization and Management Projects;

 Performance-Based Compensation Study and Trainings;

 Police Department Ethics Investigation;

 Public Works Organizational Reorganization Project, Process Audits, Policies and Procedures;

 Published Energy Supply Choices: A Local Officials’ Guide to Electric Deregulation in Massachusetts, developed energy option analyses, developed a Request for Proposal for energy and energy services, conducted seminars on electric deregulation, produced a consumer video on electric deregulation.

 Regional Health Services Project;

 Regional Sharing of Local Services Project;

 Regionalism Analysis for the Delivery of Public Services;

 School/Municipal Human Resource, Financial, Information Technology Consolidation Projects; and

 Strategic Management Planning Projects.

Oversight, Procurement Procedures, Standard Operating Procedures, Compliance Regulation, Audit, Best Practice

 Application, oversight, and monitoring of FAR, DFAR, SOPs, Policy Requirements, and all other mandated processes for procurement and finance.

 Budget management oversight, processes, and accountability.

 Create and implement assessment tools for best procurement, finance, and SOP guidelines.

 Creation of Government internal and external audit systems, procedures, and best practice.

 Creation, Revision and Implementation of SOPs, Best Practices, and Policies specific to requirements.

 Evaluate, assess, and validate each Contractor Corrective Action Plan (CAP).

 Federal contractor and contractor oversight and compliance practices, implementation, and accountability.

 Help create, manage, implement, and oversee responsibility for each budget, statement of work (SOW), work plan, project charter, and for special projects, as directed by each government client.

 Review agency / government purchasing policies, procedures, and other pertinent procurement documentation; assimilate correct guidelines in accordance with the guidelines, and best procurement practices for set benchmark.

 Streamline project management systems in planning, organizing, and finalizing each project.

 Supplier / Contractor evaluation and accountability for use of Government funds.

 Train and provide on-going support to governmental staff with these assessment tools, with customized Contractor procurement training, as well as our many other trainings we provide.

Federal Procurement, Analysis, Sourcing, IT

Cost Reduction.

 Information Services/Technology.

 Procurement Development.

 Project Management.

 Six Sigma / ISO / KPIs / Analytics.

 Training & Compliance Oversight.


Business Development through Partnering, Joint Ventures, New Entities.

 Construction Management.

 Federal Compliance.

 Risk management.

 Software implementations.

 Solicitation management/response.

IDIQ (United States and Foreign Firms)

How the Federal Government delivers construction projects.

 There are not many pure RFP projects (most are done through indefinite delivery).

 Authorized under engineering and construction.

 Single award and multiple award (several companies)

o Multiple award is easy because it creates competition, geographic, and by project type

o Single award is single source.

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